Hello, I’m Sarah

I help people deepen their relationship with God  by having encounters with the Holy Spirit even if  they aren't sure they hear God's voice or struggle connecting with the Holy Spirit.

It's time to stop having to figure this out on your own. What took me pressing in for years can be yours in moments!

Too good to be true? I stand on the promise in Revelation 12:11 that says we "overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony."

I can teach you how to live a supernatural, Heaven to earth, Kingdom life in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Let's start today!

5-Day Challenge

Kingdom Pathways Academy

Are you tired of trying to figure out your relationship with God on your own? Have you ever wished you could ask someone your questions about the Bible, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and for wisdom when you get stuck?

If you can relate, I can help!

I remember getting so frustrated that I didn't have anyone to help me. It was actually painful at times. I felt like I was forging a path alone, BUT I knew it didn't have to be that way. I just couldn't find anyone to help.

That's why I've created Kingdom Pathways Academy coaching program!

Let me walk with you and share my 20+ years experience. I want to teach you how to live a naturally, supernatural life, partnering with the Holy Spirit to bring Heaven to earth in your everyday life!

It's time to invest in YOU! Will you join me?


Sarah Crockett

My first encounter with God came when I was 14 years old and eight years later I had the revelation of Jesus.  The only discipling I received was from a new Christian friend who told me to "read your Bible". I didn't know if I was learning what I was supposed to during my time in the Word, I had no clue the Holy Spirit even existed, and I didn't know if I was hearing God's voice or not...but I never let it stop me! In hindsight, I had to disciple myself.

“God wants us to have an encounter, so that we become an encounter, so that others can have an encounter” - Kevin Dedmon