I’m Sarah Corckett

My first encounter with God came when I was 14 years old and eight years later I had the revelation of Jesus.  The only discipling I received was from a new Christian friend who told me to "read your Bible". I didn't know if I was learning what I was supposed to during my time in the Word, I had no clue the Holy Spirit even existed, and I didn't know if I was hearing God's voice or not...but I never let it stop me! In hindsight, I had to disciple myself.

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My Story

Years later, after hours on my face in prayer, waking up each morning to spend time in the Word, reading book after book with Kingdom revelation, and picking up revelation nuggets here and there...I can confidently say I talk to and partner with the Holy Spirit every day. 

I help believers learn to walk with the Holy Spirit every day even if they don't feel like they can connect with Him.

My mission is to empower believers to be confident in hearing God's voice and know how to practically partner with the Holy Spirit, living naturally supernatural lives.  I have a passion to find the gold inside each individual and equip them to fulfill their God-given destiny on the earth.

It is my conviction that discipleship is the key to seeing every believer activated to hear the voice of God, receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and share the Gospel in a way that is unique to God's design for their lives.

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what people have to say

"The Holy Spirit is so alive in her! She’s a deeply encouraging, wonderfully uplifting, positive uplifting spirit that wishes to guide others to develop strength and a promising relationship with the Lord. Only positive energy comes from this blessed woman!"

Jen Lyn

"Sarah is wonderful...she is so helpful with my struggles...she gets it! God Bless, Sarah! God is good."

Lauren Marie Carney

“Sarah is awesome! She totally partners with the Holy Spirit to help you get to the root of an issue, reveal what's holding you back, and help you discover the truth about who you really are. She also provides a safe environment and for me that was extremely important.”

Hillary Campbell

“Sarah is a good Christian example for women to look up to!”

Laura Jane Marie Madden

5 Keys For Having Encouters with God

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