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5-Day Challenge


God's Presence

Discover how to have encounters in God's presence and connect with the Holy Spirit even if you never have or if you've struggled to feel His presence. 

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Did you know that you can have daily encounters in God's presence?

I struggle for years figuring out how to connect with the Holy Spirit. What was even worse was that I was having encounters all the time and had no idea that's what was happening!

Think about it, you want to know the Holy Spirit in a deeper way and desperately want to experience His presence and miracle working power...but you aren't quite sure if it's working or not.

I can help! I spent years pressing and searching and now I have encounters in God's presence every day.

Let me help you connect with the Holy Spirit and show you how to start having deeper encounters right away.

Sarah Crockett Kingdom Pathways
Sarah Crockett Kingdom Pathways Pathfinders

What You Get

  • Practical teaching for experiencing God's presence,
  • Powerful testimonies that will release breakthrough in your life,
  • Encounter activations to help you experience the Holy Spirit and start going deeper right away.

Stop wondering if what you are experiencing is actually God's presence. Jesus died so He could be in relationship with you and the cross ensures that your access to His presence has been GRANTED!

Let me help launch you into deeper encounters right away.

Join me for this 5-day challenge. It will change your life!

Trust me now, believe me later...and sign up now!