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Think about this…What would your life look if you had me coaching you each week and teaching you how to partner with the Holy Spirit to live a supernatural life every single day?

The truth is you can grow on your own, but it will take you soooooo much longer because you'll have to figure everything out on your own. It's exhausting and you weren't designed to go it alone anyway…even Jesus had the 12 disciples!

Or you could let me show you how avoid the pitfalls and overcome the roadblocks I had to endure for years trying to figure out…hearing God's voice, connecting with the Holy Spirit, experiencing God's presence, actually getting something out of the Bible when you read it, and much, much more!

Don't put yourself through the pain I had to endure trying to figure it all out yourself. You can accelerate your spiritual growth starting today by getting the coaching, community, and accountability you need to step fully into your God given destiny and calling!

I promise that what I teach you will exponentially impact your relationship with God,  deepen your connection with the Holy Spirit, and have you living a supernatural life every day!

I can say that with 1000% confidence because I'll be teaching you all the things that worked for me…but just took me years to discover!

Will you give yourself the chance to have someone believe in you?...because I want the opportunity to believe in you!

I want to help you identify your spiritual gifts and teach you how to confidently walk in them!
I want to help you discover all the gold that is already inside of you!
I want to encourage you as you take step out and take risks to move towards your destiny and calling!
I want help you recognize how much God is already speaking to you and show you how to partner with the Holy Spirit to release His Kingdom in and through your life!

But you need to know this isn't for people who aren't willing to put in the effort.

The Kingdom Life Coaching Community is for those who are hungry for a deeper walk with God, who might not know what to do next, but are willing to take risks and share their journey!

Right now, the enemy would like to stop you from advancing, but there has never been a better time to invest in your relationship with God. There is ALWAYS more and today is the best time to get the support, community, and accountability you need to succeed.

Your relationship with God is literally the most important thing in your life...and you can start gleaning from the 20+ years of encounters I've had!

Hi, I'm Sarah

I've been coaching, mentoring, and discipling believers for over 20 years! I am passionate about empowering others to have a confidence relationship with God for themselves, hearing from the Holy Spirit following Him to live a supernatural life!

I quickly learned, if I want to make real disciples, that I needed to teach people how to connect with the Holy Spirit for themselves and understand how His gifts work in their lives!

Since then, I've equipped hundreds of people, giving them practical tools for continuously cultivating intimacy with God and develop an awareness of His presence in their everyday lives! 

Not only that, I activate clients in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and equip them for having encounters in God's presence on a regular basis!

The Kingdom Life Coaching program will give you a safe space to grow and learn as you discover your gifts, have encounters, and step into God's purpose and plans for your life!

This will change your life! I know because anything I share with you is what has worked in my own life! 

Don't Trust Me 100%, Here’s What People Have To Say About Coaching With Me:

“I believed fully in Jesus, but was in a VERY dark place. I had settled in my heart that I was not accepted by God and that His work on the cross was not for me. The prayers I’ve received are so powerful. I literally felt bonds broken and unclean spirits removed.  I’ve been listening to Sarah teach for over a year and slowly I started to trust God loved me too.  What I’m learning is helping close the door on the enemy. I'm starting to bear fruit in Jesus and I even have conversations with Holy Spirit.  I'm In tears writing this, I don't know what I would have done without you.” - Andrea Jones

"The Holy Spirit is so alive in her! She’s a deeply encouraging, wonderfully uplifting, positive uplifting spirit that wishes to guide others to develop strength and a promising relationship with the Lord." - Jen Lyn

“Sarah is awesome! She totally partners with the Holy Spirit to help you get to the root of an issue, reveal what's holding you back, and help you discover the truth about who you really are. She also provides a safe environment and for me that was extremely important.” - Hillary Campbell

Imagine what the Kingdom Life Coaching Community is like…

KINGDOM - Learn how to access the Kingdom of God in your life and release it into the live of others. It's time to step into your inheritance and all that Jesus purchased for you on the cross!

LIFE - Jesus came to give you abundant life and with the practical teaching, Q&A, ministry time, and community you'll have what you need to access that abundant life!

COACHING - You don't have to keep giving and giving. You don't have to keep neglecting yourself for the sake of others. You have needs too! Let me pour into you and help you become fully who God create you to be!

COMMUNITY - Jesus needed the 12 disciples and you need community too - we all do! Find the support and accountability you need to not only keep going, but to thrive in your relationship with God...TOGETHER!


Get stuck? No problem. I can answer your questions and provide you with activations to help you encounter the Holy Spirit and get direction.

Not seeing breakthrough? I'll be there, along with the community, to pray you through and champion you throughout your journey!

For the first time ever, I’m offering Kingdom Life Coaching to give you access to my 20 years of experience...all at an affordable price.

No more excuses of “I don’t know what I'm doing or I don't have help,” to stop you, because I can help you know your next step every time, and how to get to the depth of intimacy with God you want.

When you invest in a coaching program like the Kingdom Pathway Accelerator, you can unlock your full potential in the spirit like you’ve never experienced before!

The Kingdom Life Coaching Community is a safe space for you to learn, make mistakes, and grow deeper in your relationship with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

I can’t wait to see how quickly God accelerates your breakthrough and level of encounters as the the results of the Kingdom Life Coaching Community!

One moment in God's presence can change everything! I’ve experienced it in my life and I know it can happen for YOU too!

  • Are you ready to have radical life changing encounters in God's presence like never before?

  • Are you ready to invest in your spiritual growth so that you can walk in the fullness of your destiny?

  • Are you ready to stop doing life alone and join a family of believers who are just as hungry as you?

  • Are you ready to finally have help navigating your relationship with God?

What you'll get from the Kingdom Life Coaching Community: 

✨ Weekly LIVE Coaching
✨ Monthly Guest Speakers
✨ Exclusive Members Only Facebook Community Group
✨ 4 Kingdom Pathways | That's Over 50 Video Lessons
✨ 4 Kingdom Pathways | Workbooks With Activations
✨ Bonus | 5 Keys For Encountering The Holy Spirit Workbook
✨ Bonus | Encounter Jesus eBook
✨ Bonus | A Practical Guide For Kingdom Living eBook