moving in the gifts

You Don't Need To Be A Christian for 20+ Years, A huge Amount of Faith, Or Just The right atmosphere To Operate In the Gifts of the Spirit! All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed and a little help stepping into the gifts!

Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit 3-Day Workshop is for ANYONE who WANTS to  flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit at a greater levels! 

Having a real connection with the Holy Spirit is possible...and I can teach you how to get there!

Imagine this, you are standing at the hardware store waiting for the attendant to make a key for you and the Holy Spirit prompts you to pray for them. You ask if they need prayer and soon the prophetic begins to flow seamlessly!

This can be your reality because I'm describing something that actually happened to me!

It's your turn to be activated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit!

I want to come alongside you and teach you how to access the gifts of the Holy Spirit - that you've already been given.

Confidence in hearing God's voice, recognizing how the Holy Spirit speaks to you, and growing your courage to take risks...these are the keys that make the difference!

The truth is, it doesn't matter if you've never prophesied or prayed for healing before - if you're not stepping out in courage, something has to change!

It can be so discouraging to know that the gifts of the Spirit are inside you, but not know how to operate in them daily. Worse, yet, it's like being given a gift and having it sit there unwrapped. What torture!

It's time to step out and start walking in the gifts the Holy Spirit has already given you!

It's time to stop letting fear or lack of understanding hold you back. It's time to start seeing the Kingdom come and His will be done in and through YOUR life!

Here's the reality though...if you aren't willing to take risks this won't work. You have to be willing to be willing...if you do that, i can help.

Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit is a FREE 3-Day workshop, hosted in a Facebook group. It is for those who are ready to increase their awareness of God's voice, partner with the Holy Spirit, and step out and take risks!

Right now, it's time to be like Peter and step out of the boat, but are you willing to take that risk to see the Holy Spirit move through yyour life? Holy Spirit is ready to pour out, but you have to be ready to take your spiritual growth to the next level.

You can start accelerating that process today with me ...and I'll be happy to lend my 20+ years of personal and ministry experience to you!


Hi, I'm Sarah

I've been activating believers in the gifts of the Spirit since 2012, empowering them to live a naturally, supernatural lifestyle in partnership with the Holy Spirit!

I quickly learned, if I want to see the Holy Spirit work through. my life, that I needed to surround myself with people who were going after the same thing AND be willing to take risks!

Since then, I've helped activate hundreds to walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, every day, in their day to day lives! 

Not only that, I've been able to help clients grow in gifts of the Holy Spirit - prophecy, healing, words of knowledge - by providing practical tools and activations to grow the gifts!

The difference maker that I've found for operating in the gifts of the Spirit is the courage to risk making a mistake.

This 3-Day workshop will provide you with a safe environment where you are able to practice the gifts and learn how to flow with the Holy Spirit!

What if you had me coaching you, giving you practical tools and showing you how to overcome the roadblocks you hit along the way? What would your life look like?

Never wonder "Am I hearing God's voice?" when getting a prophetic word or asking "How do I pray for healing?" again!

That's what you get in the Moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit 3-Day workshop.

This could be the tipping point that launches you into the supernatural life you've always wanted! 

It's time to build your confidence in hearing God's voice, learn how to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and easily connect with God's presence wherever you are!

Isn’t it time to stop struggling to figure everything out on your own?

This will change your life! It's not just a theory, but practical, real, easy to do, workshop that has transformed numerous lives! 

Don't Trust Me 100%, Here’s What Others Are Saying:

“I believed fully in Jesus, but was in a VERY dark place. I had settled in my heart that I was not accepted by God and that His work on the cross was not for me. The prayers I’ve received are so powerful. I literally felt bonds broken and unclean spirits removed.  I’ve been listening to Sarah teach for over a year and slowly I started to trust God loved me too.  What I’m learning is helping close the door on the enemy. I'm starting to bear fruit in Jesus and I even have conversations with Holy Spirit.  I'm In tears writing this, I don't know what I would have done without you.” - Andrea Jones

"The Holy Spirit is so alive in her! She’s a deeply encouraging, wonderfully uplifting, positive uplifting spirit that wishes to guide others to develop strength and a promising relationship with the Lord." - Jen Lyn

“Sarah is awesome! She totally partners with the Holy Spirit to help you get to the root of an issue, reveal what's holding you back, and help you discover the truth about who you really are. She also provides a safe environment and for me that was extremely important.” - Hillary Campbell

Imagine what operating in your spiritual gifts is like…

The impact of your life on those around you will increase because of your willingness to grow…but you have to do something new in order to experience new levels of God!

  • Are you ready to give prophetic words that release encouragement, comfort, and strength to those around you?

  • Are you ready to pray for healing and see the resurrection power transform bodies?

  • Are you to hear God's voice in new and deeper ways as you connect with the Holy Spirit?

  • Are you ready to finally have the tools you need to live a supernatural life?

Here is a sample of what you'll get during the Moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit workshop:

  • Ways to connect with the Holy Spirit.
  • Tools for spending time with the Holy Spirit.

  • How to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  • Activations to help you move in the prophetic, healing, and word of knowledge gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Practical tools for partnering with the Holy Spirit.

  • Practical tools for releasing Heaven on earth wherever you are.

  • How to discern the Holy Spirit's voice.

  • How to be filled with the Holy Spirit every day.

  • Moving from visitation to habitation lifestyle with the Holy Spirit.

  • ...AND MORE!!!

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Be a part of the FREE 3-Day Moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit workshop by filling in your information below.

It's time to understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit and begin operating in them every day. It's easier than you think and I can't wait to help you step into all that the Holy Spirit has for you!

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