Sarah Crockett Kingdom Pathways

5-Day Challenge

Encounter God's Presence


I'm so excited to teach you how to experieince God's presence every day and deepen your connection with the Holy Spirit!

Did you know that you have daily encounters with the Holy Spirit and just aren’t aware of the way He’s speaking to you?

I get it! You want to know the Holy Spirit in a deeper way and desperately want to experience the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit.

I can show you how to connect with the Holy Spirit and teach you how to start having deeper encounters right away.

Sarah Crockett Kingdom Pathways
Sarah Crockett Kingdom Pathways Pathfinders

How It Works

  • Practical teaching and tools for getting to know the Holy Spirit
  • Encounter activations to help you experience the Holy Spirit and start going deeper in God’s presence
  • Powerful testimonies that will release breakthrough in your life
  • Exercises to help you invite the Holy Spirit into your everyday routine.

What You Get

  • Practical keys for getting to know the Holy Spirit.
  • Heighten your awareness of the Holy Spirit’s presence and work in your life.
  • Learn how to cultivate an ongoing relationship with God.
  • Enhance your ability to recognize the Holy Spirit’s prompting and nudges.
  • Learn how to receive revelation, not just information, from the Word of God.
  • Gain confidence in hearing the Holy Spirit speak to you every day.